An EMS Safety Services approved course offers “hands-on” practical interactive instruction with the use of a video/DVD. Examples of relevant experiences are included in the discussions. The student instructor ratio is 1 to 6. Manikins are provided for the students to perform specific psycho motor objectives for the various modules. A maximum of two participants per manikin is used for optimum instruction. A maximum of six participants per AED is used. Class completion is approximately three hours with each participant required to pass a skills test by demonstrating competency in the following:

• Adult CPR
• Use of an AED

An American Heart Association completion card will be issued upon successful completion of the course. The certification is valid for 2 years. The training modules are divided into two parts: cognitive objectives, and psychomotor objectives. The modules include:

1. Discuss the method of giving CPR to an adult, and child including utilization of a protective mask.
2. List the signs of choking and discuss how to help a choking victim.
3. Relate how to phone an emergency response number and how to answer a dispatcher’s questions.
4. Relate the importance of using an AED and the steps for using one.

Psycho motor:
1. Using the manikins provided, administer CPR to an adult and child (several practice sessions are included). Use the protective mask to administer breaths to the manikin victim.
2. Use the AED to facilitate confidence in the ease of use.
3. Illustrate on a participants partner how to help a choking victim.
Heartsaver CPR manuals are distributed to each participant.

Rate $72.00